LBKA members’ library

The books in the list below are available for LBKA members to borrow.

If you would like to borrow a book, send an email to John Mooney, who is the Branch Librarian, using

LBKA library book

Beekeeping a Seasonal Guide, Ron Brown 1985
Practical Beekeeping, Clive de Bruyn 1997
Anatomy & Dissection of the Honeybee, H.A. Dade 2009
Living with Bees (Slovenia), Franc Sivic 2003
A Manual of Beekeeping, E. B. Wedmore 2nd Edition
The Mind of Bees, Julian Francon 1947
The Dancing Bees, Karl von Frisch 1953
Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey, Brother Adam 1975
Guide to Bees and Honey, Ted Hooper 1976
The Beekeeper’s Handbook, Owen Meyer 1983
Swarming Its control and Prevention, Snelgrove 1946
Beekeeping for Recreation and Profit, J Harold Armitt 1968
Bees and Beekeeping, Irmgard Diemer 1988
Practical Beekeeping, Herbert Mace 1977
The Behavior of Bees, H J Wadey 1948
Honeycraft, J A Lawson 1931
The Philosophy and Practice of Beekeeping, A L Gregg 1949
The Treatise on the Management of Bees 1770, Thomas Wildman 1770!
ABC and XYZ of Beeculture, A I Root 1947
The Introduction of Queen Bees, Snelgrove 1948
Beekeeping in Britain, R O B Manley
The Practical Bee Guide, J G Digges 1941
Swarming its control and Prevention, L E Snelgrove 1981
The World of the Honeybee, Colin G Butler 1974
In Search of the Best strains of Bees, Brother Adam 1968
The Art of Beekeeping, W Hamilton 1946
Honey Farming, R O B Manley
Bees, I Khalifman 1951
Down to Grass roots of Beekeeping, G H Davis 1976