Swarms or bees in the buildings or the garden

Bees in the garden or a building

We cannot deal with bees in roof spaces, walls, under sheds, in compost bins etc.  Generally these are wild bumble bees and can be left undisturbed if at all possible. If they are causing a problem, it is best to contact a specialist in pest control.

For more information see: http://bumblebeeconservation.org/about-bees

Swarms of Honey bees
A swarm of honey bees on a fence.
A swarm of honey bees on a fence.

Please read the information on this web page for more details, and to see if you have honey bees or wild bumble bees: http://www.bbka.org.uk/help/do_you_have_a_swarm.php

If you have a swarm of honey bees, they will be unmistakable. There will be thousands of bees in a ball around the size of a football. Often these will be found hanging from a tree, bush or fence post.

A list of members who have said they may be able to collect a swarm can be found below. Our collectors cannot get all swarms as their location and accessability are important factors. Before calling or contacting us, please check there are thousands of bees, as we receive many false alarms. Have some information ready, for example where the swarm is located, is it in a tree high up or another location that will be difficult to access? How long has the swarm been there and how large is the swarm?

We cannot deal with bees in walls, sheds, roof spaces or compost heaps.

LBKA swarm collectors’ contact details

Please read all of the information above before calling a swarm collector. They cannot deal with bees in roof spaces, walls or compost bins etc. These are usually not a swarm of honey bees. They are usually wild bumblebees (see bottom of the page).

Andreas Koungelis  –  L16          Telephone:  0751 670 9326

Denis Neale                –  L15          Telephone:  0788 5757290

Ray Hines                    –  L32          Telephone:  0781 6215059

Patrick Neill               –  L24          Telephone: 07939 041283

Neil Dingley                –  L34          Telephone:  07544 315651

Arthur Bevan              –  WA5         Telephone 07798 657065

Dave Harrison             –  L25         Telephone:  07530 514514

Chris Rooke                  –  L6          Telephone 07891 366742

Andrew Fletcher        –  L12         Telephone:  07400 496830

John Moran               –  L23          Telephone: 07962 055404

Reg Cromer               – L15           Telephone: 0151 737 1724

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